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    Default My mom portrait sculpt

    Here are some zbrush BPR renders of my mom portrait sculpt. Hair was done using maya nhair paintFx and then turned into geo, then further groomed manually in zbrush.

    Here is the tutorial on how to sculpt hair for 3d print.

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    Here are the 3d and 2d prints.

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    Finished Don Draper head bust for a 3d print miniature commission work. Hair tutorial is below.

    Here is how I did the hair, take note it is for a 3d print physical product with volume and durability in mind.

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    300 : "The Immortals"

    After scouting I realized no one made the immortal "giant" together with the immortal warriors as a figurine set yet.
    Hoping these renders of mine could be realized into a fully polished collectible figure diorama someday. I sculpted these with a 3d print assembly in mind.

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    Here are some more pics. Representation of what the actual physical product might be

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    Here is my tutorial on the process/workflow used for the 300 diorama using both zbrush and keyshot.

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    você merece uma linha superior

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    Some additional anatomy studies.

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    Carnotaurus shaded model. Revisiting an old model and then improving it even further with my skills today. I gave it a pose as well.

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    Ho my god !!!! In my favorites !!! all your works are amazing

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    The ultimate antihero is here. Meet Vigilante Soldier.
    Inspired by the protagonists of Uncharted and Farcry comes my own version of the ultimate bad-ass.

    Here are some more views.


    Crediting the Font title from "Vigilante" comic book copyright DC comics.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Here are the unclothed pics of the soldier.

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    Done for an awareness ad in the UK last year, and then modified it to fit my own fictional ad this year. VaTech stands for "Villatech". My own dream creation. See more views here,

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    Default Nightcrawler Resurrected - Comicon 2016 entry

    Nightcrawler has been resurrected by a Necromancer and his powers has been unstable ever since, including developing a real major jaw problem.

    Please vote for me here,

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    Here's the wizard I did for Bard's Tale IV for their kickstarter pitch video which helped successfully fund the game. You can view it here,

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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