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    Thumbs up New Zbrush Challenges!!!

    Now that I'm beginning to shine a little better with Zbrush, I'd like to begin entering these contests...

    I see "Halloween 2008" and other contests, but they're done and gone..!
    I can't seem to find any current contests digging into these threads...

    I wish Pixologic would have something like ZbrushContests.com, or a form that you can fill out that would notify you via email of upcoming contests.

    If this already exists, someone point me the right way..! ~Please.
    If not, to all those who agree, say "I agree".

    ~Andrew R. Shelton Sr. (Drew)

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    All contests are announced in the top row, as well as on the pixologic homepage. there are no current contests from zbrush. and please give these types of treads different names. the title, " New zbrush challenges" is misleading. It is easy to think this is a thread of a new zbrush challenge. and... wouldn't it be better you make this thread regrets only? most people won't bother to post a message if it's only two words.
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