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    Default Goast - DomWar IV mini 1

    Hi guys,

    If you haven't heard that Dwar is underway, it starts on the 12th. There was a mini comp over the past week or so. 9 days I think the total came to. Here is what I got out of the whole ordeal. The total model is around 1,000 tri's I think. I didn't check the total with the body, but the armor pieces were at 362 (if I remember correctly).

    Everything was sculpted in Zbrush except for the base mesh (which was provided) All organic diffuse and normal maps are from Zmapper. Hard body was painted in photoshop and normals were gathered in Zmapper and Xnormal. The top 3 images are early WIPs of this project as all of the armor pieces changed very much. The character's bust changed very much as well. Without the speed and freedom that Zbrush allows I never would have finished this project in time. I was able to do up 4 different variations of the character as well as 6 different variations of his armor. That would have taken weeks in a traditional modeling app. I did it in a day with Zbrush. Thanks Pixologic! Now let me have 3.5!

    edit: I didn't do the whole project in a day, just all the variations of the sculpt.

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    wow, really good work. You ever thought about teaching?

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    nice texturing dude!...reminds me of GOW :P

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