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    hello all masters out there,

    u guys r the real inspiration for me,well this is my latest work,i had the feeling of 21st century,so i end it up like this,i m still workingon the backgound and depth.........so please watch this and give critics.i will post the work and detail did in zbrush{i should call it zbro}

    cc are most welcome, masters.

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    I would like to think of myself as a master but the truth is I'm always learning.
    The only crit I would make is you need to work on the depth/perspective, perhaps start with a vanishing point.

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    nice one overall,, but which parts are z brush?? i agree about the depth

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    thanx manuka,
    the foreground parts of the model are all z brush.the details of the chair ,bag,clothes of character.but ur words really charge me up,i will start the new one soon.

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    muy buena ilustracion

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    hey man romik great work

    but from me the anatomical position of the left hands is quite feminine

    and the right hand is bit in awkward pose any man pointing in that position would not keep his hand like that

    perspective is lacking a little bit
    and a dynamic pose will really do magic

    plz its a suggestion from me which came to my mind

    overall i love your work
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