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    Hi all!

    I am one of the unfortunates who uses a Mac and can't get the 3.1 update yet---DRAT---I guess that shouldn't bother me, since I am still a 2.5 noob anyway...but I still want 3.1---DOUBLE DRAT---

    I've been away from Zbrush for a long while and thought I'd see what I can do after my long departure, so I created this craggy little goblin dude. All of the sculpting and base lighting were done in ZB-2.5, and I took it to PS-CS2 for some post work. C&C are very welcomed and appreciated! Thanks for looking!!!

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    Hi again

    I almost forgot to show my polymesh!

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    Okay, This pic is showing the final pose choice before I tweaked all of the colors in Photoshop (Photoshop you say?!? Yes, remember, I'm still a noob) Anyway, I used a perspective distort of about 12 and added an eyeball I created for an earlier project, and some teeth I got from ZBC (I'm sorry, I don't remember who I got them from, but thank you whoever you are)

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    C'mon ZBrush community...Somebody has to have something good or bad to say about ol' Gobby. Any feedback would be appreciated : )

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    I could really use some feedback on my goblin if someone is interested. I feel as though I learn more when people talk about what I've done, or how I should do it better sooooo......

    I basically decided to follow along with the Glen Southern Get into Zbrush DVD to build this character. At one point he mentions how your system might start lagging a little bit due to high polygon counts. He was right and I couldn't go too much further without tremendous slowdown.

    I got to the point where I couldn't divide the mesh anymore because of low memory (which I did change in the drop-down menu). But that only gave me one more divide. I also deleted my lowers as I went too. So from there I colored him a little, posed him and moved on to Photoshop where I did the final work.

    My final models polycount was 4620288 before I was stuck in the mud. As you can see, I was able to put some details into the eye wrinkles before I had to quit texturing. So, I think the final piece looks okay before I got bogged down, but I don't know how I could pull off an entire body without doing it in sections.

    Please, I'm interested in any suggestions on how to maximize my workflow, or how I could've done better with the character itself?

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    Default .....

    Hello Hyde, Im fairly new to zbrush myself, I bought v. 2 and have just gotten back into it since v. 3.0 was released. I like the Gobblin, could use a bit more refining I think, the nose is a little chunky.... the eye sockets dont seem to have any depth to them, but overall not a bad start.

    I would suggest you purchase Meate Meiers introduction to zbrush 3, Im not sure about the other intro to zbrush dvd sets, but Meate definately digs deep into the program in a very short time,

    Keep on zbrushin

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    hey HYDE, i feel your pain on the whole mac and 3.1 thing. i was hurting before i got my intel-mac. you'll love ZB3 once you get your hands on it. as far as the model goes, he's cool and it looks like you've put a lot of time in. i would say move on from here and keep practicing. it's just so easy to overanalyze and overwork a piece once you've got one started.

    in case you haven't seen it, it might help your overall sculpting flow to check out the timelapse of kolby jukes in this vid:
    if your mac doesn't have the avi plugin, you can just download the VLC player for free. he works in mudbox, but the basic principles still apply.

    also, a couple of my personal fave vids from gnomon are:
    and http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/dvds/zpe01.html.

    They're a little pricey, but totally worth it. And--they're both done in ZB2. Hope that helps!

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    Hey HYDE,

    I really like the colored pic on post#3
    I agree with dedfish. Some areas could use some depth (eyesockets). Overall I really like this goblin. He has a quirky expression. Maybe you can accentuate it more -you know, one eybrow higher than the other, the mouth a bit more assymetric, etc-
    Oh! And the "muscle" that goes from the cheekbone to the corner of the mouth could bet smoother. It's doesn't show up in the colored pics but it does in the untextured ones

    I'd also recommend doing the eyes separately from the head... just my suggestions

    very cool star man
    Keep them coming


    * Diary of a VSWIP 2 (Raguel) -updated 10.17.07-

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    Thanks everyone for the input so far!

    dedfish---I thought I had enough depth in the sockets until I looked at it again, and I agree with you. I don't have ZB3 yet due to having a Mac, but I'll wait (impatiently) for it to arrive.

    indusrtripop---I probably spent about 8 hours total on him, although I don't know if that is a fast or slow timeframe to do this model. Yeah, I will be moving on from here, but the feedback always helps for the next project. I'd like to do the Scared Silly contest, but am afraid that my system can't handle it, and I also don't measure-up to the competition, sooo.....Thanks for the links too, I'll definately check them out later on!

    elarcano---I thought someone might like pic#3 better than #1, so I put it in just to see. I am partial to #1 personally, I like the surreal colored lighting. I agree that I should've taken the expression just a little further, and those mouth muscles do look a little weird too. I was trying to make it look a little wrinkley, but it didn't really work. BTW the eyes were added later from an eyeball that I created earlier.

    Thanks again for the help!!!


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    For anyone who is interested, here is a very 'noob' attempt at an eyeball. I hope it is useful to someone out there.

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