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    Hi all.
    I wish to say first of, this is an incredible community with so many talented, innovative and creative artists. It is really amazing to continually see such beautiful work coming from the artists here.

    I am currently completing my final trimester at college and thought I would share my work. I was asked to create a short film, from start to finish, in 26 weeks.
    I chose a simple concept of having a nervous alien audition for the parts of Arny and billy etc from the movie Predator. The director is unhappy with the way it goes and Jeff gives up, however when he does he makes the predator clicking noise and gets the part...

    So I had to make all the assets/rigs/animate/cut together.
    I'm approaching the final stretch so i thought i would share some work...


    Anyway still alot of polishing and tidying up to go, as well as alot of animating to go (ive really only just finished the first pass), but at least you can see how ive used maya and zbrush to create Jeff the alien.

    Again I hope you like it, and I'm sorry if I have broken any forum rules, I've never really posted, I've only watched the other artists.

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    The skin texture and rendering on this is awesome. Good work!

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    ..updating with base mesh of the head...


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