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    Default Tattoo torso

    The torso itself, I did a couple months ago. I didn't use a reference model, so it's not completely anatomically accurate, I was just farting around. I just added the tattoo this afternoon to give it some added character. In any case, mostly a practice piece.


    BTW... you all rock. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was so enthralled by a forum. Amateur and professionals alike, the work you put up here is fantastic!


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    Default Yo Great Work

    Hey great work on the tatoo it looks cool and i like the placement... I like the muscle structure... you seem to know your way around zbrush... i'd love to see the rest of the composition... keep up the good work...


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    Thanks Midicon! I am really loving zBrush. I am getting used to it. Been using for a little while.

    This is just a practice piece, and I think I'll leave it like that. My next one is based on one of my drawings. Now that one, I am going to take my time with

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