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    Hey guys! Been a long time since my last post here. Been super busy prepping for my personal IP's and a lot of client work! Just wanted to share some of my works from jupiter ascending and a few other projects.

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    here is some more!

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    a few more!

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    Default Marvels Spiderman.

    I was asked to develop some designs for a possible Spider-man game back in 2015. With a focus on keeping the overall feel like a seasoned Spider-man, While keeping the vibe of that classic Ditko look. What would he look like in today's world. Using alot of inspiration from high end sports equipment and high tech options I wanted to make a suit that had a breathable aspect to it as well as a internal cooling system. Looked at some climbing gear for the hands as well as some preliminary shapes for the web shooters. Designing the back logo and front was especially fun and was a dream to touch such an iconic character. Wanted to work further on it but was only on the project for a few weeks. Very honored too of worked on the early look dev for Insomiacs amazing game, Their artists took this early work and knocked it out of the park! I absolutely loved the game and the final result!

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    Looks great.
    Bhushan Arekar.
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