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    Default Subtools and materials

    hi everybody!
    i trying to apply differents materials in specific subtools objects,
    but when i drag a new material on a subtool,
    all subtools are changed whith the new material dragged,
    and it's not what i want really...
    someone knows how to do that separatly?

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    Select the subtool you want to assign a material to. If this is the first one you will be assigning a material to, you will notice all other subtools change material with it for the moment.

    Make sure only M is selected (meaning you are applying material, not rgb or zadd, etc..).

    Select your material , go to the color menu and click “Fill Object“.

    Now select another subtool , change material, “Fill object” again and so on …

    (Credit to Slosh on ZBC)

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    thank's a lot the namek...

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