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    I've recently started this little project for a small contest that runs for 2 weeks. The winner of each contest announces the new topic and it all starts again. There are no prizes but it's still great fun from time to time and i would like to start such a contest series here, too if there's some interest so just let me know and i'll set up a topic with the rules and a topic to begin with.

    Anyways, here's my entry which is obviously still WiP since I've just started blocking out the rough shape. This time, the topic was "typically man" and I'm refering to a German phrase so it might just be the a pure visual experience for some of you.

    The setting of the scene:


    And the first steps on the guy:
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    Hey man, nice work so far! I like the theme and the sculpting And I always like those waxy materials. Did you make it? Or did you download it?


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    Cool Promising...

    Is beautiful that please without concept! ( Me and maybe also E Kant)
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    Ok, I've worked on this guy for about 3 hours now and that's why I basically just focused on the shirt and the trowsers and why the rest seems even more undone then the clothes.
    It still was/is fun and a good way to get to know how it all works, by trying to make all those fold stuff without looking at a reference at all (not even looking at myself) and then walking to a mirror and seeing how it actually should look...


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    I like your idea for the contests...maybe a few more will concur and you can start it up.

    In ref to this model, seems interesting. Will you explain the German saying for us? I also like the waxy material

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    This looks a very cool start. I like the pose and the drape of the clothing.

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    neat, can't wait to see what this becomes. the material looks like the one used in the Zbrush 3 videos.



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    Yeah, I like the material, too.... it's not mine though.I also used the one made by KrakenCMT on this guy.

    And here's a little explanation of the phrase:
    In Germany you happen to hear that men are often trying to reach a goal by running through a wall with their head at first.. even if it's too thick.

    I might start the contests soon, even without more people demonstrating their interest here, just because I'm pretty sure a lot of members of this forum haven't even read it.
    Myself, I sometimes just scroll through the threads seeking for interesting images and reading the posts that belong to them afterwards and I think quite a few people do it lthe same way, like in all the other forums.

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    hey! this contest story looks nice to me! more a game I'd say! but, once again, I haven't ZB
    the main thing to know about is that i d'ont speak english very well...

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    I didn't have much time for this one lately so I kinda finished it in a rush now by making some minor changes on the character and blocking out a rough terrain in like 40 minutes, since today is the deadline but i think it still came out quite cool.

    There are some issues like reading the text is not too easy but that just makes you watch it once again so...

    Here's the "little" animation (2mb): anim.gif


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    Nice concept, waiting for more!

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