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    Default Wip: You are not alone.

    If you have ever suffered from depression then perhaps this image might mean something to you. Depression is a bit like haveing a monster behind you at all times. He tries to sneak up on you and cover you like a second skin. While under the spell of depression your whole personality changes. You feel deflated, defeated and destructive all at the same time. Its not fun when it strikes for you or those around you.

    This image will be my way of getting out my feelings of this beast that always sits behind me, biding his time till he next strikes.

    The title is both positive as well as negative to me and I will see how the image develops.



    Mike R

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    i prefer to call it evil brain. the dude that like to keep ya down...he's never far away is he?

    always good to address those things that kick our ass from time to time...I'd kinda like to see a series of these from you if they help ya. if nothing else...good zb practice.

    heads up!

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