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    Default Maya to Zbrush Blend shapes (morphing)

    Hope you try this out and it helps a few peeps out with the maya to zbrush pipeline. Leave feedbackblendshape-tutorialsm.jpg

    For a better read version http://www.jasonwelsh.com/zbrushtuts/blendshapes3.pdf
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    Its all very small when writing a tutorial please consider doing an html page, or at least a pdf file

    Please click me

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    ya was going for forum friendly jpg, the 200kb limit was making it a bit tuff on size. anywho I'lll change it tomarow at work.

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    Default The Effect

    welp anyway heres a little render to give you an idea.


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    Default Muscle simulation

    wacky idea I'm working on

    I used zbrush to pump the geometry in the arms and added the morph to a set driven key on the elbow. Its not perfect but a little more work and it won't be to bad.


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