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    Default ZMarker Version 1.0


    As an exercise I decided to update some old functionality that my original Digit Widgets scripts had storing and recalling Zbrush objects. ZMarker will allow you to Save and Recall Object properties of a ZBrush Model such as Postion, Size, Rotation, Material and Texture. In addition, if the user changes the Canvas size during the workflow, Zmarker will scale each Marker to fit the new canvas.

    What can you use this for? This script could be used to address this thread


    By using 3D planes and assigning them reference Textures you can produce your own Rotoscoping system to use as a guideline to modelling. In addition you can create your own homegrown "Quad View" script by marking different views of your model and be able to switch quickly between them or use them as views on the Canvas. You could also combine Texture Planes and views of your model.

    The Interface

    Press SHIFT + "m" to load the Zscript from the Digit Widget Plugin Pallete.

    You can save and recall 10 markers.
    Press Shift + "1 to 0" (0 = 10) to save a object's Position, Rotation, Size, Material and Texture
    Press "1 to 0" (0 = 10) to recall Saved Model
    Press "c" to clear the layer
    Press "t" to show all Markers that the currently selected object is used (indicator turns light blue)
    Press "r" to Scale all Markers to the Current Canvas Size. (use this after changing the Canvas Size)

    ZMarker will react differently depending on the Position of the PK switch and whether or not you are actively using an object (Gyro visible)

    Action 1 (zbrush not in a Transform Mode i.e. not draw or Gyro Transform PK switch OFF)
    Pressing a Marker key will draw the stored object with all attributes (Position, Size, Rotation, Material and Texture)

    Action 2 (Actively using a Object with Gyro PK Switch OFF)
    Pressing a Marker key assigned to a different object will move your object to the same Position and Rotation as the stored Marker but will not assign Size, Material or Texture to it. This can be used to move a different object to the same location as another.

    Action 3 (PK Switch ON)
    Pressing a Marker Key with the PK switch on will assign Marker attributes to the currently selected object such as Position, Size and Rotation. If the object is the same object in each Marker pressed this is a quick way to cycle the model through each view. If the object is a different object it will just scale and rotate it the same as the stored object.

    Action 4 (Object in Draw Mode Red Circle Visible)
    Pressing a Marker key is similiar to Action 3 if using the Same Model, it will update the object to the new marker)

    I realize the above discriptions are confusing, just experiment with the script to get a handle on the operation.

    As an Example to set up the script to using images for reference.
    ** Good idea to use a separate layer to protect any other layers you don't want to erase

    1. Select 3D Plane and draw it on canvas
    2. Select Flat Material and a Image texture that you want to use as a reference
    3. Size and position it on the canvas. Move it to the back of the canvas Z depth so that it will appear behind anything else you draw on the screen.
    4. Save it pressing SHIFT '1' to save marker one.
    5. Load a different Texture to the same plane (say a side view) and Press SHIFT '2'
    6. Now we can shift between 2 views by pressing "1" and "2" (press "c" between to clear layer)
    7. Leaving Marker 1 texture on the screen draw and position your model referencing the image
    8. Save this view by pressing SHIFT '3"
    9. Press "c" (clear) and "2" to bring up 2nd reference
    10. draw and position your model referencing the image
    11. Save this view by pressing SHIFT '4'

    Now we can use this simple Rotoscoping setup up to alternate between Marker 1 and Marker 3 for Reference #1 and Marker 2 and Marker 4 to use Reference #2.
    Press "c" to clear layer
    Press "1" to load reference
    press "3" to load Model
    press "c" to clear layer
    press "2" to load reference
    Press "4" to load Model

    you could also leave all references on the canvas by positioning the textures on a different layer and selecting the model markers in a separate layer.

    Use the same method to use the script in different ways according to need, such as 4 model views with/without reference textures.

    The script remembers all Markers as long as Zbrush is running, feel free to switch in and out of ZMarker.

    Unzip the Install Zip into you Zbrush20/Startup/Zplugins directory so that the script is available to use when Zbrush starts up.
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    Default I am fan Digits script and also fan Digits talent¡


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    Ohhhh Digits...been waiting for this one!!

    Thanks!!! Gonna be huge timesaver for me!

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    Superb, Digits!

    This script rocks! It'll make life so much quicker and easier from now on



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    Cool Seems an another task!

    Is beautiful that please without concept! ( Me and maybe also E Kant)
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    Very cool Digits! Thank you so much for this. I will look into it right now.

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