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    Default Deep Anatomy study (700+ hours WIP), Ecorche.

    My first post with my work here.
    Deep Anatomy study (700+ hours WIP), Ecorche of Systema Skeletale, Systema musculare (muscularis striatus skeletalis) with surface anatomy.
    You can see what exactly is built at the moment in the attached list, which you can use for your own study, I'll update it in near future. Everything highlighted is built, grayed are ligaments, cartilages, aponeurosis, membranes, and, non-highlighted are the parts that are not built at the moment.
    My main reference is the book THIEME Atlas of Anatomy, Latin nomenclature by M. Schuenke, E. Schulte, U. Schumacher et al. (eds.) - Atlas of Anatomy (Thieme New York). Every muscle built with proper origin of a muscle and insertion of a muscle. I use other resources as well.

    Human anatomy is beautiful, one of the most exquisite and complex mechanisms on this planet.

    You can ask me questions, if you have any, my friends.
    If you like what you see, consider dropping a like on my ArtStation, it might help me with some publicity and might improve my chances getting a good job.

    Thank you for your attention and time.

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    Thumbs up Good Job Man!

    Greetings... Very nice model and amazing long-term study on human body... Awesome.. I wish you share more pictures and even colorful or close up shots to check the results so much better... I tried to like your job on Artstation but the page wasn't available.... Anyway, I like your great project.
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    Thanks, man. I forgot that I've made a post here.

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