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    Default The Arc of the Moral Universe: What Goes Around Comes Around

    Because the arc of the moral universe bends not toward justice, but entropy. It's a circle of snake beasts, driven by greed, devouring itself to extinction.

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    ZBrush Central is so not my audience.

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    I like your stuff, and I like your message.
    I hope you keep posting here... maybe the audience is not into political stuff?
    Too bad, art is supposed to stand for something, and your work does.

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    Thanks, man. I appreciate that. I'm just not that into sculpting The Hulk, which seems to be a prerequisite to people looking at your work here.

    Whatever the **** ever. I'm doing exactly what I want to do, exactly the way I want to do it. If folk here can't see beyond the Marvel universe, I don't take it as an indication of anything other than that. I'm confident that I'm onto something, and I'm not one to stick with the pack. I'll find my audience elsewhere, and will do what I do regardless.

    But just to make myself crystal clear: If anyone here or anywhere else is offended by my message or politics, you can rest assured with 100% certainty that my intention IS to offend you. If you're good with a culture of endless gun violence, consider it a punch in the face. On board with putting babies in cages? This is me kicking you in the nuts.

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