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    Default DnD Tabaxi - Mersharr

    I've been working on this guy for a week or two. He is my Tabaxi Paladin DnD Character I play and as it's the first time I've ever played I thought I would commemorate with a 3D Character!

    Unfortunately this is the stage I rarely get past, so taking him to the next level is my next big challenge. I'm hoping to make him in a sort of Overwatch style (cos I do love that style and it'll be good practice I think as there is lots of reference) so I'll need to dial back the tiger texture but also do a lot more with the armour. I'll be looking at Reinhardt and Brigitte mostly for reference from here I think. But we'll see!

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    So here's an update to the head mostly. Going for the Overwatch style/simplified shapes rather than the more realistic texturing I had as a placeholder previously. Still a long way to go though!

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    And another update...this is where things get tricky on where to go next to take it to the next level for me...I might do some drawovers I think.

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    Nice work. hope there's more coming after. i think it's more of a good idea to pursue something on texturing.

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    I think you are right about the texturing, but I'm trying to push the base as far as I can before I take it to that step.

    Next I think I'll set up a pose and see how he looks. Take any considerations from that back to the base mesh then look at texturing.

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    And another update. Just to check out the posing and overall feel of the character...not bad, but still a ways to go methinks!

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