It's time to start making your plans for the biggest ZBrush event of the year! The 2018 ZBrush Summit will be September 28-30 at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, CA.

The annual Summit is a truly huge event for the ZBrush community. It will be streamed live around the world, providing a venue for digital artists to not only connect with the Pixologic team but also with luminaries from all segments of the industry. The days are packed with talented artists presenting a variety of ZBrush techniques used in real-world productions. Many of the demonstrations feature assets previously unseen outside of the studios.

Thanks to the combination of streaming technology and social media, viewers are able to become participants, interacting with each other no matter where you are located and even having your questions answered by the presenters.

Of course, as amazing as the online experience is, it pales in comparison to actually being present at the event. Not only is it just that much more personal, there are also parts of the Summit such as the Workshops and Art Gallery that can only be experience on-site -- to say nothing of the opportunity to build network connections with your peers. As always, everything except the Workshops is 100% free to attend. If you can be in L.A. that weekend, you will want to be there!

Whether you plan to attend in person or online, Register Today!


The 2018 ZBrush Summit is absolutely packed with things to see and do! Here's what to expect:

  • Live ZBrush Sculpt-Off
    Kicking off the Summit on September 27 will be the annual Live ZBrush Sculpt-Off, with 12 top ZBrush artists competing head to head to take home the title (and championship belt) in each of two categories: Hard Surface and Organic. This portion of the Summit is only shown online via streaming as the 24 artists feverishly work to complete their themed sculpts within the allotted time before the global community votes for this year's champions. Do you think that you have what it takes to compete? Let us know and Apply today!
  • Artist & Studio Presentations
    The bread and butter of each year's Summit, these presentations feature leading studios and artists as they show how ZBrush is being used in today's real-world pipelines. In 2018 we are for the first time ever opening the field with an open call for presenters to round out the already spectacular line-up (TBA) that we have organized. If you or your company is using ZBrush in a high profile or original way and would like to share your experience with a global audience, tell us about it!
  • Workshops
    These exclusive learning opportunities feature leaders in the film, game and 3D printing industries. The workshops are not streamed and due to the limited seating, advance purchase is required. This is the only portion of the ZBrush Summit that is not free and they sell out fast. Be sure to register to stay informed so that you can learn about this year's workshops as soon as they are announced.
  • ZBrush Awards
    Every year it is our pleasure to roll out the red carpet for a live awards ceremony that recognizes the very best talent on ZBrushCentral and beyond. Voting for this year's awards is already in progress and will continue into mid-June.
    You still have time to cast your votes -- or even to post what will become one of the winning examples of ZBrush artwork!
  • ZBrush Art Gallery
    The Summit venue will include a special art exhibit featuring real-world prints (both 2D and 3D) of some of the world's most spectacular ZBrush artwork. This naturally isn't able to be streamed to the worldwide audience, but is a must-see for everyone in attendance onsite!
  • Studio Portfolio Reviews
    Want to see if your work can land you a job with one of the biggest names in the industry? Representatives from leading studios will be on-site reviewing artist portfolios.
  • On-Site & Online Prizes
    After every Artist & Studio Presentation, we give away prizes to both the studio audience and for those tuning in online. If you are viewing as part of our global audience, make sure to follow #ZBrushSummit for your chance to win!

Stay informed regarding ZBrush Summit developments, including the presentation and workshop schedules as they are announced.