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    Default Testament from Guilty Gear.

    Hi everyone,

    haven't posted quite in a while since i did Dehaka from starcraft 2/ heroes of the Storm last December. Here is my latest work and one very dear to me since it was my first 3d printed project. Nothing crazy. Was more of a project to learn about the process of sculpting for 3d printing. I used a lot of reference from around zbrushcentral and also watched the videos done on Pixologic youtube channel by Thomas R. He created an AMAZING step by step tutorial that answered a lot of the questions I had. If you guys are looking to learn about that process I would without a doubt urge everyone to check those videos out!

    Anyway, below are the images! Sorry i didn't print the raven again, i dropped it and it broke. I also had to reduce the size of the base since i didn't want to break it into 2 or 3 parts so it could fit in the printer. Also sorry for the poor quality of the images, they were taken with my cellphone and an improvised setting, and for not posting renders...still learning!!

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    Thomas R. here, thank you for the comment, really appreciated that my videos are useful
    And your work is really great, you did a splendid job!
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    WOAH!! Merci Thomas! Thanks both for the comment and once again for the awesome streams!!

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