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    Default Bogie - Blade Runner 1949

    It's been quite a while since I've posted here so it's good to be back on ZBC.
    Here is my latest project:

    Humphrey Bogart as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner 1949 , Noir, Retro Sci Fi ?!

    This personal project was an exploration on different software and different workflows of an digital double type of character trying to achieve a realistic interpretation just by using photo reference.
    Most of it was modeled in zbrush and maya, but i also found the need to use Marvelous Designer for getting a better weight and more natural look in the base of cloth meshes. Texturing was a mix of Mari,Nuke, PS, and Substance Painter. Rendering and shading was done in Arnold 4 with AL surface.

    it was a fun project that took me quite a while with only short sessions of work spread over a long time, and it could be improved quite a bit , but it's time to move on to some new stuff .

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    Looks great, overall. Two crit's:

    1. The hair looks like it is not physically attached to his temple. More, it has that "post-comp'ed" look: like it was rendered in a separate pass, and thrown together in PhotoShop.

    2. Proportions. The head is way too big in contrast to the body. Here's a good example. Notice the raincoat is much bigger in proportion to the head:

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