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    Death Note - Ryuk concept art

    My concept art of Ryuk for the Death Note Netflix movie adaptation ! Absolutely love the anime and I was really honored to be able to work on this iconic character ! This was one of the final versions I did with #tinsleystudio #adamwingard #lightyagami #kira #movie #anime #godofdeath #ryukomatoi

    Luca Nemolato

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    Just watched it with my son, thought it was a cool show (interesting concept- had never heard of 'Death Note' till it was advertised on Netflix). Your sculpt of Ryuk came out very cool!! I was reading that it took basically four folks to bring Ryuk to life, Willem Dafoe (voice and ground work for the facial CGI), Jason Liles (a 7 foot physical performer), Randall Cook (Oscar-winning VFX artist), and Adam Wingard (Director). They did a cool job with the character. Thinking about it, man, you ALONE put some work into this... AWESOME!!!
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    Loved the anime but haven't seen the Netflix version yet.
    Hehe, I saw Ryuk in the thumbnail on Netflix and immediately thought of the Green Goblin. He's just different enough from the anime to look like Defoe.
    Great job.

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