Hi, Zbrushers! I’m very pleased to join this great family.
It’s been a long time since I posted it and this is my latest piece.

Unscrupulous evil once found a red bag in the house,he cast the bag away.But when he went out and found other people who held the same bag were happily exchanging them with each other.The evil suddenly thought his own red bag.When he went back to his house and found there were lovely fluffy toys,every toy made the evil feel emotional.They kept receiving this gift in the follow ten years.But they did not receive the gift on the day in the eleventh year and they felt nervous.The irritable evil found that every Dec. 25th was the Christmas.The Santa Claus would ride his elk and appear on the roof of every family.He would send the gift to everyone through the chimney and bring them hope and surprise.But the Santa Claus passed away,the evil understood what the Santa Claus had done for.The evil had never had this kind of feeling.This feeling made also made the Christmas Night warmer and purified the heart of the evil.They referred the beauty of the kindness.The evil began to have the same feeling with other people.People would live hard without expect and hope.People became detestable without kindness.So the evil made a bold decision that to bring hope and love to people.The evil made a clear arrangement for this.They firstly chose the poor children to send them gifts.To let them feel the kindness

Inspired by the concept of Wen-JR design

Modeling in ZBrush ,hair by Xgen, textures in Substance Painter and Mari.rendering in Arnold.I hope you guys like it .