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    Default Jackal's 2B (Nier)

    This is my attempt at 2B from Nier Automata. The reference sketch used was made by artist Tim Lochner. Huge credits also go to the fantastic zbrush artist Thomas Roussel who did the same on the pixologic channel (couldn't have done it without him). Everything was modelled and rendered in Zbrush using simple BPR settings.

    I welcome feedback from you guys!

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    Hey Jackalcy! Thomas' here!

    Great work that you did! My comments:

    You should consider the gravity aspect, mass of things. She should have a better grip on the broom (and stick is perhaps too thick), she needs to have a better balance about her grabbing the pod. (my version is not that better

    I think you should now spend some time doing some refinements here and there (that's the longest part!). It took me quite some time to refine as well my own version.

    Continue the good work!

    PS: I'm happy to see that my work and stream is useful
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    Hi Thomas!

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, I really appreciate it but your version is a lot better! By the way I am the guy who asked you on youtube if you will polypaint the model and yes your English is perfect.

    One thing I realised is that when I reach about 95% of the model I speed up the last 5% just to have something ready so fully agree that it needs a lot of refinement. This is probably a common trap for beginners like me who want to see the final product.

    About the physics, I see what you mean, I need to use my imagination better and also view some tips online about physics - spend too much time on anatomy and speeding up workflows and forget to learn how to make models look believable

    Keep up the good work I hope you do more work streaming!


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