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    Default Zbrush work

    Hello everybody!
    This is my last pice... Wolverine, personal concept.

    I came up with this after watching one of Joe Menna´s videos. They are great! I recomend you to watch them.
    Since I would love to get into the collectibles industry I decided to do something for that purpose.
    The model was entirely done in Zbrush, render in Keyshot and final comp in Photoshop.

    Hope you like it!
    Critics and comments are welcome!

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    cool work man , especially the sculpt of the arms !

    I have just one suggestion , that will be cool if you had sculpt the bone/metal of the claw under the skin

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    After all this time here is the final render of a model I have been working on... "Cyclops" render as if it was a 3D print for collectibles.
    What do you think?

    I really enjoy working on it and learn a lot during the process.
    The model was entirelly done inside Zbrush and model completely without symmetry.
    Found that surface noise combined with uv and an alpha is a great tool to add fine details.

    Model with ZBrush, render in 3DS Max with Vray and final comp in Photoshop.
    Will upload some Zbrush BPR and a quick breackdown.

    Moving to a new character. What do you think, which should I try? I was thinking in Green Arrow.


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    Here are some Zbrush BPR and a quick breackdown of the way I choose for doing this pice.

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    Very nice modeling. And the pose is perfect!

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    Hello everybody!
    Here is a quick sculpt I made today!
    Green Goblin!

    What do you think?

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    Hello everybody, how are you?
    I am amaze for all the great work that you all post here so I want to share with you my work too.
    This is my last personal pice "The amazing Spiderman".
    What do you think? Looks like a collectible?
    All the modeling, unwrapping and texturing was done entirely inside Zbrush.
    Final render in 3DS Max with Vray and then comp in Photoshop.

    This was a very fun project. Learn a lot of new tools and also helped me to improve my workflow.
    Zmodeler is a great tool. You don´t have to leave Zbrush at all which I love!!!
    This one really challenge my anatomy knowledge and I realize that I need to study a bunch more.

    I want to thank you all for your suport.

    If you want I can also post some Zrush screenshot showing the model from diferent angles. What do you say?

    Here is an other render that I found interesting. Only a rim light.

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    These are the Zbrush close ups.

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    Great job on your Spiderman
    Captured a comic book feeling and a sense of bullet time action with great style.
    ......Nobody tries to be lah-di-dah or uppity--There's a cup-o'-tea for all.

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    For the first time one of my pices will be print!!! Thank you Resin Mechanix!!!
    Here is Cyclops 2.0
    He is available for Pre-Order https://www.facebook.com/Resin-Mecha...10286/?fref=ts

    Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9ld1W

    What do you think?
    C&C are welcome.


    I am available for freelance.

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    Default Shocker

    Hello everybody,
    A new model... SHOCKER!
    He is going to be print by Resin Mechanix as part as his 1/7 scale figures.

    All the modeling was done inside Zbrush. Render with Vray in 3DS Max and final comp in Photoshop.
    Hope you like it!

    Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1Oqm2

    I am available for freelance!

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    Hello eveyone!
    These are the final renders for a character I´ve been working on.
    I think Green Arrow is one of the most underrated characters in the DC Universe but... I really like it!
    I learned a lot during the project, keep refining my anatomy knowledge and workflow.
    The modeling, uv´s and texturing was entirely done in Zbrush. Rendered with Vray in 3DS Max and final composition in Photoshop.
    I woul like to hear what you think about it and if there is something you might change!

    I´m ready for a new challenge now!

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    More Pictures!

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    This is a personal project I´ve been working on.
    My tribute to Aquaman as if it were a collectible.
    Was a very fun project.

    All the modeling, unwrapping and texturing was done inside Zbrush; then decimated and render in 3DS Max with Vray. Final comp in Photoshop.
    Hope you like it!
    Let me know what you think about it.

    Alternate portrait and hand.

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