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    Default Jojo's Biomedical sketchbook

    ZBrush used for remesh in all the images.
    The body image are remesh of BOdy3D paint + modification and render in Keyshot. It was fun to test such a fast renderer. It spare me so much time while prototyping ! Zbrush totally changed my workflow !
    Soon I will post some tutorial to show the workflow I generally use when I have to deal with molecules.
    Comments are always wellcome !
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    Default great

    looking forward to the tuts and well done stuff

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    impressive stuff! keep it up

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    Default New anatomical renders... tutorial coming soon

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    Default From a PDB molecule to Zbrush

    I've created a small video about how to import a molecule from PDB archive (http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/home/home.do) to Zbrush (using also a wonderful opensource italian software Meshlab). I hope it can be useful. Comments are always welcome
    you can find the videos here

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    Default Escherichia coli tuts

    Added a small tutorial https://vimeo.com/251031264 hope you like it !

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