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    Default Nemesis Art Studio (Bob's Sketchbook)

    Hi everyone

    This is my first post here, so I guess I'll introduce myself shortly.

    My name is Bartlomiej Plociennik but everybody calls me Bob, I'm 21, I started my hobby which is sculpting miniatures in a traditional way when I was about 12 / 13 yers old, so almost ten years ago, then I started taking comissions for it and it all became more than just a hobby. Over a year ago I got to conclusion that traditional sculpting has no real future in this industry, because digital modeling is much faster (sometimes even as much as five times) and more precise, and 3D printing technology is at the stage now, when we can print highly detailed 30mm model with almost no flaws whatsoever. So I started learning Zbrush, I established my own company Nemesis Art Studio, I signed contract with Prodos Games few months back and now here I am, sharing some of my works.

    Of course I cannot show you them all, there is way too much, but from now on I will post here everything they let me at Prodos, and with no doubt I'll throw something of my personal projects from time to time. And if you want to dig in my past a little and see more of my miniatures both sculpted in Zbrush, and some in clay, feel free to check out my fb page:


    Back to the topic, here are some of my previous works:

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    And another few miniatures' renders, feel free to comment, critique also is welcome

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    Thanks for becoming part of the community, Bob! Great work. Can't wait to see where it goes from here!

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    Welcome Bob
    Looks like your transition to digital is going well!
    Hope to see more posts in the future

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    Hi Bob

    Very cool pieces. Welcome to this great community, a great place to be. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Best Regards

    Anton Angheluta

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    great stuff! totally agree on the benefits of digital!

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    you make a good sculpt!! The fur on to a bear it's amazing!

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    Very good work, do you have some photos of the final models (3D printed/painted?)
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    thank you guys for warm welcome

    @ejas: yeah, and what I forgot to mention: cutting for casting purposes is insanely better, with traditional there was always something broken, not to mention way to wide gaps between parts.

    @Totyo: I have bunch of models lying around on my desk, I don't have any good quality camera here, but I will certainly upload them some day. For now I only can give you few customers that uploaded their photos, mainly on facebook. Here you go:

    Jezebel: http://www.beastsofwar.com/paranoid-...bel-miniature/

    Shiver and Carrien (guys on the right, I havent uploaded their renders yet though ): https://www.facebook.com/daruma.prod...type=3&theater

    there's probably more, but I'm sadly to lazy to keep googling

    anyway, some new stuff today I want to share with you, few more renders from the past, and from now on I'll be sharing only new stuff. Enjoy:

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    Hi guys!
    Today I want to show you the most complex multi part kit I ever worked on, 20 switchable rotationable arms, 3 heads types, 5 body types, and it's all compatible. I'm amazed it actually works
    I made some renders for you guys, but obviously it's only few of countles possibilities.
    Basic T-pose was created by Irek Zieliński; I worked on equipment, posing, alternative heads, capt's armor, and of course all that boring cutting
    Hope you like it guys!

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    Another sculpts
    32mm scale as always, ment for 3D printing
    for more minis and renders (I can only post few in one post here) please visit my artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/bob
    c&c always welcome!

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    Learning keyshot

    LOAD - Ylva, Vi Letalis, Blip and Blaine

    Hi res: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OZalK

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    Mind blowing stuff. Love it!

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    New batch of renders, houpe you lie it guys

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    Wow, havent't really updated this thread in a long time, have I?

    Anyway, here's some of my recent works, more on https://www.artstation.com/bob

    Any feedback is of course welcomed!

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