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    Default My Son - A Lion King Story

    My Son, A Lion King Story is part of a few illustration I work on. I'll be presenting some moment of the story of The Lion King. Here is Mufasa and Simba.

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    Default awesome work


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    Video Modeling reel 2017 - a creature work

    Hello guys,

    I'm pleased to present you the public edit of my 2017 demo reel. I'm currently available and looking for a job as a modeler/texture artist specialized in creatures. If you want to have a look at some of my texturing work, do not hesitate to send me a PM to have access to the private edit of my demoreel.
    You can contact me using this email : gael.kerchenbaum@gmail.com

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    Default Release the beast

    Release the beast.

    This is a private commission I made for Noemotion. I was responsible for all the aspects. We needed to have a trex that could hold a 12K resoution still frame for our client.

    The work was made in 8 days, with the amazing help from Texturing XYZ creature displacement textures. I used the caiman and frog packs to creature the base displacement in Mari, then everything was imported and baked in Zbrush. I then sculpted on top and recreated some of the scale to get better volumes.

    The albedo was fully painted by hand in Mari using procedural textures, with the help of curvature and cavity masks.

    I used the base mesh that I previously created for a Gnomon workshop tutorial.

    There is no post-process over the final frame, everything comes straight out of Arnold.

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    Thumbs up nice work

    nice work !

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