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    Default shoe laces and unwrap for a game model

    How to create shoe laces and How to make unwrap for a game model. I am looking for tutorial but unable to find any. I am attaching what I have created. I am unable to unwrap it.

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    Default 4R8 questions

    Okay, I've finally gotten around to installing the P2 version and have come across a couple of worrying issues. The first is that when using my wacom tablet, the active point often jumps uncontrollably vertically on screen. Does anyone else find this?
    Also it won't connect with Keyshot. I'm using version 5.3, aren't they compatible? I might have to go back to using 4R7, although anything I've done on 4R8 won't load on there. Any advice gratefully received.

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    Question bridging in zmodler problem

    I am having a problem. Every time when I use the bridge, I keep getting this problem
    I have enclose jpgs to show. what am I doing wrong?

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