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    Question ZBrush CORE MouseWheel to Zoom?

    I don't have twitter; In ZBrush CORE, how can I set MouseWheel to Zoom?

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    Dear zbrush,
    can you teel us when we can expect catmull clark divide without shrinking geo and uv...And more options for uv interpolation,because current uv interpolation is undefined...
    Please take a look here.


    Thank you,

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    hello !
    how to switch off popup text in ZModeler brush ?
    during modeling blinking white text really annoying

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    Hi there I am experiencing a drag snap lag issue in Zbrush. Here is what happens in detail. THe device I am using is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017

    When using the move tool and trying to drag no movement will be detected in movements below 2mm, its only after you past that threshold where movement will be detected but it suddenly snaps around 1-2cm forward. However when using the mouse every small movement is detected when clicking and dragging and there is no sudden snap.

    I remember experiencing this before on wacom devices and all I had to do is disable something like "TabletServicesWacom". But this option is no longer available in the Surface 2017 and the most updated Windows 10.

    I have turned off the other features like, pen flicks, click and hold, etc. And the pen behaves flawlessly without the snap lag in Photoshop, its only in Zbrush where I am still experiencing this.
    It seems like it mightbe related to the MPP (microsoft pen protocol)

    I hope some of the zbrush technical staff can see this and help to address the issue. Thanks in advance for any help in this issue!

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    Default Need tips on polypaint. How to get a nice blend for a very cartoon style. #askzbrush

    I'm struggling to get that soft blend to add life to a character. Instead I get a very blotchy outcome. Where do I add colour ect? Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    Default Zbrush2018- polypaint with zremesh (other then projection method)

    I love do character sculpt and polypaint parallel. With sculpture pro Z-2018, I have to zremesh many times during the whole process. Is there any way to stay/save polypaint on model after zmeshing? . I checked ask zbrush with projecting technique, but thats bit long way for several zremeshers for a single character.

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    Default Live Boolean

    Hi. My Live Boolean no longer works. I've looked a step by step video(s) on how to make simple L B. Still no success. Is it possible I've disabled something in my settings?

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    Default Fibermesh color offset

    I dont have Twitter.

    Is there a way to Offset the Tip, Middle, Root colors along the length of individual Fibermesh's randomly, with something similar to a noise function?

    2018 is Awesome!
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    Default Live Boolean No longer working

    Hello, I am having the same problem,
    I use Live Boolean for work, I just updated to 2018.1, and am in the middle of a project. Once updated, my live Boolean seems to have stopped working. I can see the 'preview' when live Boolean is selected, but when I try to make the Boolean mesh, it processes, but nothing is created in my tool pallet, and there are no errors that appear?

    Any suggestions?


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    Default Exporting polypaint problem

    Please I Want To export My mesh With polypaint Into maya For The Past Three Day Now, I Can Be The mesh but I Can't See My Texture Am Using fbx I Don't Know If There are another Setting In maya That Would Allow Me To See My texture

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    Default Goz problems!

    hi, i have been searching but i didn't had much luck on the matter,

    when i send something from ZBrush to Maya with Goz it creates selection Sets that are delaying a lot at least i think they are the cause.
    for there sphere took me 30s to get in maya and to expand it selection set 4minutes not sure i am doing something rong i dont think so .

    maybe someone had the same experience and could enlight me plss really wanted to use Goz.

    thank you.

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    Default i cant apply different materials and textures on the subtool


    I am new to zbrush and currently working on a lady with clothes on and i have followed tutorials on how to apply different materials on the same subtool by turning off zadd and using m key but this is not working. with the m button turned on, i am not allowed to paint on the mesh, it rather applies the material on all the subtools.

    am i missing something??

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    How to load custom floor grid at startup ?

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    Is there a way to adjust the increments that the Gizmo3d rotates a mesh? I'm having an issue with the pictured mesh where I need to finely rotate the lower portion of this mesh to align with the upper portion to weld the segments together. however, the gizmo's rotation jumps in values that will not seem to align.... and it's frustrating me to all hell. Can this be done and I'm just not finding it? Thanks all!

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    So I deselected "Dynamic" on my draw size and I was able to rotate the part of my subtool much more smoothly. I'll need to see if I can reproduce this but it worked in the instance for me.

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