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    Question ZBrush CORE MouseWheel to Zoom?

    I don't have twitter; In ZBrush CORE, how can I set MouseWheel to Zoom?

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    Dear zbrush,
    can you teel us when we can expect catmull clark divide without shrinking geo and uv...And more options for uv interpolation,because current uv interpolation is undefined...
    Please take a look here.


    Thank you,

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    hello !
    how to switch off popup text in ZModeler brush ?
    during modeling blinking white text really annoying

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    Hi there I am experiencing a drag snap lag issue in Zbrush. Here is what happens in detail. THe device I am using is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017

    When using the move tool and trying to drag no movement will be detected in movements below 2mm, its only after you past that threshold where movement will be detected but it suddenly snaps around 1-2cm forward. However when using the mouse every small movement is detected when clicking and dragging and there is no sudden snap.

    I remember experiencing this before on wacom devices and all I had to do is disable something like "TabletServicesWacom". But this option is no longer available in the Surface 2017 and the most updated Windows 10.

    I have turned off the other features like, pen flicks, click and hold, etc. And the pen behaves flawlessly without the snap lag in Photoshop, its only in Zbrush where I am still experiencing this.
    It seems like it mightbe related to the MPP (microsoft pen protocol)

    I hope some of the zbrush technical staff can see this and help to address the issue. Thanks in advance for any help in this issue!

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    Default Need tips on polypaint. How to get a nice blend for a very cartoon style. #askzbrush

    I'm struggling to get that soft blend to add life to a character. Instead I get a very blotchy outcome. Where do I add colour ect? Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    Default Zbrush2018- polypaint with zremesh (other then projection method)

    I love do character sculpt and polypaint parallel. With sculpture pro Z-2018, I have to zremesh many times during the whole process. Is there any way to stay/save polypaint on model after zmeshing? . I checked ask zbrush with projecting technique, but thats bit long way for several zremeshers for a single character.

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    Default Live Boolean

    Hi. My Live Boolean no longer works. I've looked a step by step video(s) on how to make simple L B. Still no success. Is it possible I've disabled something in my settings?

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