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    Hello all this is my first post and I am VERY new to digital sculpting in fact I JUST picked up sculptris. I was wanting to use this program for making terrain and items for my D&D games and wanted to know how to go about starting to make a wall sorta like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xoSiDlGVT8. I also want to use it to make furniture and other things like tables but I had also read somewhere that this program is really more for organic things. Is it still possible to do things like this? I like the program and it is great since it was free and I am very new to all of this. Thanks for any info in advance nice to meet all of you and looking forward to the responses!

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    I'd say that the best way to start a wall like that (without using a displacement map like the example that you posted since they wouldn't come out on a 3d print) would be to find some great reference pictures of the kind of wall that you're trying to make. Once you've got those, the rest just takes time in getting all the little details in. Either use a sphere and pull it into the basic proportions that you're looking for (or bring in a cube and do a global scale with the xyz off) and then sculpt out each of the stones one by one. It will take some time, but it should come out pretty great in the end.

    While Sculptris does excel in the organic areas, it can still be used for just about anything that you can imagine. Tables and chairs could just as easily be done using Sculptris. Especially the kinds of tables and chairs that you would see in D&D. Depends on how much time you are willing to put into each piece. You can do everything from highly ornate to the basic ones that you might see in an Inn or shack to something that only a different species would design.

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    furniture associated with many famous brands but not heard "Sculptris"?

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