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    Default Kit Fox and Terry Torch: Zbrush Sculpts for 3D printing.

    My next little side project 3D printing a stylized version of a few of my favorite models.
    Actual prints will follow soon.

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    Default Phoenix Colossus

    Upcoming 3d print. My version of Phoenix Colossus.

    Will post more once he is posed and sliced up.

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    Looks cool Kurt, only thing that doesn't look right to me are the toes of the boots. They seem a bit big compared to the ankles. It could be just the different colors playing tricks on the eyes though, not sure. Will be a cool one to print for sure!
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    Thanks evil, I will play around with them before I pose him.

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    Default Phoenix Colossus

    Phoenix Colossus sculpt pretty much done time to slice and key for print.

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