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    Here is my latest work - based on demon concept for DarkSiders. There was a couple similar works but I did it just to came back to zbrush and get along with it It's not finished yet but I wanted to share with you. Enjoy

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Some piece of my new project that I'm working on currently. Enjoy.

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    Couple things to fix, I'll add some fine details at the end (after base is fine in 100%).

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    And something that I'm working on currently.

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    Default vampire update

    Small update.

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    Great vampire, I'm working on something similar I will post soon. Have you read Brian Lumley's Necroscope/Vampire World series?
    I think the models looking good, the only comment I would make is the lamphri / leech like tongue seems too thick to me for the mouth pose / cavity? To have that thickness come out of the mouth he would need to have a far wider jaw pose, maybe even his jaw dislocates like a snake?
    Looking good, keen to see the end product.
    Andy Monks / Trick Monkey

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    Thanks for comment. I have never read these books. But my design was taken from tv series called The Strain. And about tongue/spike. I have fix it already but thanks a lot I hope I will finish it soon


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    Default Big update

    Well, I've spend some time on this. Big update. Enjoy

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    Default Long time no see :)

    Hi! Long time no see! So much time has past since I posted something ;P I've started work in "3d Print" industry. Time to show something! Here I've got a little experiment. I've tested liquid/splash effect, as well as detail on the character. I'll show something more detailed soon! Hope you enjoy

    PS: I'll add more shots after painting

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    Default Orc bust

    As I said - today I've got something more detailed. This time it's a bust designed for 3d Print (formlab 2). About 15 cm tall. I used Zbrush for modeling, Photoshop for concept/sketching and Blender for render. I'll add finish product shots after painting.
    Hope you enjoy . C&C welcome, cheers More shots on artstaion: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RW94v

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