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    Default Zbrush reel

    Here is a link to my zbrush reel!


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    Default Alien Basket ball players


    Link to my Reel!

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    Default Na'vi Jetski

    A Throwback to one Of my all time Favorite Design's, I made was the Na'vi Jetski that I did in 2010! The Spirit of James Cameron flowed threw me on this one! Will always remember the high Energy that was put into it! I spent an entire month on just one thing, when my skills where know where near the level it was today!

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    I like your na'vi creature ! no front and back view ?

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    Default Queen Boogedy Designed by Cameron Davis

    Hey Every, this queen was designed by Cameron Davis, spent three weeks working on her, really pushed my self back then! thank you!

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    Default Animated project Directed by Cory Edwards Boogie monster's

    Here is one of my favorite character's the Boogie monster!

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    Default Jambot Directed by Cory Edwards

    here is Jambot all made in Zbrush!!

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    Default opus animated project

    he is name Opus, Collaboration with Cory Edwards!

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    Default Rococo animated project

    Here is Rococo, directed by Cory Edwards

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    Default Encore Animated project

    here is Encore, Directed by Cory edwards

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    Default Trebel

    here is Trebel, Directed by Cory Edwards

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    Default Animated project Directed by Cory Edwards Group pose

    Here is a group pose of all the character's for Director Cory Edwards Animated project!

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    Hi Friend, these characters are adorably. You should have them 3d printed, people go nuts for little figures in the comic shops I shop at. great work!

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    Awesome work!

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    Default Animated Chicken coop!

    Thank you for the nice, comments! I plan to one day to 3d print a lot of my work once I can afford a 3d printer, one day my friend, one day! This chicken coop was done for a game I was developing, but I dropped the ball on it!
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