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    Video Sketchbook

    I've been lurking these forums and looking at how wonderful and impressive all this great community is and I've decided to start throwing in some of my sketchbook designs, concepts, speedsculpts and what not. Simply put, one cannot stay in the shadow forever...

    Starting off with Chubby!
    Chubby is a very humurous little creature. When Alduur, the beautiful exotic forest hidden from the greed of man at the center of the world, was still a beautiful forest, populated by the most exotic wild life, you would normally find chubby diving after fish in the cristal clear watters or being chaced after from provoquing the elder dragons.
    His beautifulround shapes contrast with his hard skin and spiky horns. Wild life in Alduur was not kind for the weak.Being able to blend near aquatic environments or more green like ones made him survive this long.
    Now he has a new purpose, a new life. Helping heroes in the defense of the Ancients.


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    lovely character design..looks great

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    the good story behind him, let you create a very believable little creature. i love it :-)
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    @GETPRIMITIVE: Thank you so much

    @kokoro: Thank you I try to think about story and what's behind the character as much as I can. Not to say that I don't also just "spit out" design but...for me, looking at great designers/artists/storytellers like Milt Khal, Danny Williams, Cory Loftis, Frank Frazetta, just to name a few, one can only think how everything is connected and how story makes a character. So thank you

    On we go:

    Part of the workshop done with Andrew Baker - Breathing Life and Presence into Digital Creature. The briefing was to create an orc that could somehow inhabit the world of LOTR or The Hobbit but with a bit of a spin to it. Meaning that instead of going for your ordinary common orc we were to design an Orc that has a more simian/primate/ape anatomy and feel to it.

    Urzog the Impaler, leader and Hero Orc;
    Wurgoth the Berserker - Brute Orc


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    Getting ready for the 2014 Worldcup in Brasil, while watching Danny Williams sculpting and listening to some of his tunes, I started sketching and ended up doing a quick sculpt of something in between my drawing and...well, something else.


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    I really like your sculpts

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    Thatīs Sick man!!! Love it

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    Thank you all so much for the kind words I'll keep updating this thread with more and more as I finish up my work Again, thank you!

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    Fantastic stuff! Love the two orcs, esp. their faces.

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    Great work... love the ways you integrate pieces with their stands too!
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    Video Speedsculpts

    @nagulov Thank you very much. The orcs were quite the fun to make with Andrew Baker! Amazing mentor!

    @LynneMitchell Thank you so much! I always try to integrate my designs with something. I never liked seing things in a T-Pose or a static one either.

    @BhushanArekar Thank you

    I need to post more of these! I have so many of them...

    Well anatomy is a life learning topic so I try to test myself every once in a while.

    Also, I can't say this enough, I love dynamesh

    So this one was 1h30m (give or take) speedsculpt, from a dynamesh sphere (plus render time after) during a hangout with my good friend Inkognit. No reference was used.

    Due to mature content and not knowing how people react to these things, even though these are just studies/practice, I've decided to have the...hmmm...well, censored.


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    Wow, very cool stuff here. And on the censored stuff, were all artists here my friend. Anyone sees things different, then they don't belong here. Keep being YOU, your an artist, don't hold back (imagine if Frank F. , Boris V., or Simon B. held back, their images would not have been the same). Rock on, rock on.
    PS: Guess, as long it's not Porn, or in 'poor taste', or until someone complains... you/we should be good.
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    Default Swamp Creature Speedsculpt

    @Dragon thank you very much for your kind words From now on I'll have that in mind I think you are right, after all, we're all artists here! hehe

    Since I don't know when I'll be going back to this since there's lots to focus on right now, I'm posting this as a WIP and speed sculpt since my good friend Inkognit made a thumbnail sketch of this fellow, we went for a hangout and 2h later this came about. Great fun. Let's do more in less time

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