This guy is called Steracorilla because well he is a mix of a styracosaurus, a stegosaurus and a gorilla. He was basically an experiment to see how I could give my box modeled action figures a little bit more texture using Zbrush. Therefore I made the base model in Softimage using traditional modeling tools. I then exported the files to Zbrush and masked off the parts that would have to stay smooth in order to make the joints work. The other parts got a rough surface using Zbrush brushes. The figure was then exported as STL file and finalized in Netfabb. The textures showed up fine after the print even on my Mojo printer that does not have a super high resolution. Especially once I painted the model the skin textures looked quite nice. I will continue to use Zbrush in the future to add fine detail like skin textures or scratches.
Here are some pics of the printed figure in action: