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    Default Japetus' Projects

    Edit: Renamed the thread since I have a few large and small projects in progress and it seems that's how it's done here!

    I've been in awe of the work here for years now..I'm finally getting the hang of zbrush enough where I feel like posting to get some more advice. I've had this awesome spawn figurine for a long time and I've attempted to model him over the years but have never been too successful. As I said I've been learning way more about zbrush and decided to give him another try. He has a lot of interesting features like cloth, muscles, hard surface that is great practice. Feel like it's coming along well...I still need to balance him and I am planning on redoing his boot from what I've learned doing the hands and body. I hope to add some more battle damage to him in the end and do more painted work. Comments and crits welcome!

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    So I've been doing more work on this guy and trying to do some pose tests. I decimated some boots and gloves for him and I'm using transpose master for posing multiple subtools. The problem I'm having now is that the decimated meshes seem to sheer apart when posed and become unusable. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Here's the latest, I had to decimate the gloves and boots, I've learned a ton on this project! Also been messing with BPR settings a lot, zbrush's renderer is surprisingly powerful! Very neat stuff...
    I think what I'll be doing for those is to just transpose the boots and gloves into place after I pose the body since they seem to want to explode when I rig every thing.

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    Very nice
    I am also learning (slowly and when time is available to me), you are going at a much faster pace then me!
    Keep it up man

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    Default Dark Knight Grappler Gun and Dark Knight

    In the spirit of adding more projects and learning more, I've been slowly working on making the batsuit from The Dark Knight. I made the grappler gun entirely in zbrush as hard surface practice, one of my first projects. The batsuit was started in 3ds Max and I brought it in to zbrush for some cloth and other sculpted details. Still working on the cape, I gave it a more fluid look yesterday. I feel like his proportions are off somehow, maybe his head is too small and shoulders to narrow? I feel like he might need a bit beefing up...

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    Worked a lot on the proportions of my Batman, I think he's a lot closer now! Still need to make the cape a bit more flowy and add the circular cuts for the "bat cape".

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    A little non-scifi project...had an idea for a busted up road, which is what we have outside our office. Used a lot of zbrush's surface functions and made a leaf brush to do the leaves.

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    The latest render of my Dark Knight, made a lot of little tweaks and improvements to the suit as I've been learning...think It's coming along well...want to make a more interesting base and still need to make the cape more flowing and better folds.

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    Looks really good man. The tweaks are so minor it is hard to tell what you have done, but it definitely looks better. The lighting is really nice too, I think that is what is helping a lot Bad lighting can make a great sculpt look really bad, and great lighting can make it that much better!
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    Thanks ItBeRufus, it was mostly raising and lowering parts. Defining the bat logo more, inflating and sculpting the armor slightly more and definitely working on the lighting and materials. Thanks it was a challenge to get the kind of lighting I wanted in ZBrush kind of that cold night time lighting. I feel like I maybe made his arms too short, maybe his forearms. Maybe I need to make the shadows a bit more sharp, still figuring out how zbrush works with shadows, a little weird.

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    The latest, tried a new platform and tweaked the lighting/materials and been messing with some BPR filters...

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    A pretty final version of Batman in a cave, maybe his batcave! My rig kept crashing before but I was finally able to track it down to some bad geometry so I was able to pose him. Crits and comments welcome...I'm pretty ready to move onto something else at this point

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    Looks pretty good. At this point I think you've posted more images in 2 months than I ever have.

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    Hey Wyatt! Good to see you here

    So here's what I'm calling a final on my Batman...pretty happy overall!

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    final image is really great.thanks for sharing your works.

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