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    That is simply beautiful. I have carved volutes and scrolls in foam, wood and stone. I understand the precision it requires. I have had less success doing them digitally. That is fine work. Big thumbs up from me.

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    hello carver,

    thank you very much. i really appreciate it.

    i wish i could share a tutorial here that shows an easy or quick way
    to do these kind of things.

    i tried so many ways and 3d applications to get this done in a kind of
    „procedural“ approach. but to get it right there is only one way atm:
    it is what it is: handcraft.

    done traditionally or digital in zbrush - there´s no „shortcut“
    which is a good thing in my opinion there are so many „one-click solutions“
    out there these days in our lifes - some things need patience and lots
    of work.

    first i skribbled a sketch of the forms i´d like to achive and then i entered
    inkscape and cleaned up all the lines to get a „perfect“ flow.
    i used the option „spiro path“ in inkscape which is very good.

    this would be a good addition in zbrush like: curve mode that aligns in
    a perfect spiral way when smoothing - ok, ok there are ways to do it at
    this moment on super low poly level with eg. the zmodeler brush (add curve)

    the sculpting was all working with dynamesh in zbrush, depth stacking, sharpening
    the edges, tweaking the forms from all sides and then retopo by hand with zspheres
    to get a more controlable mesh and still more tweaking.

    next up i will 3d print this and i´ll first make a keychain ring from it with a silicon mold
    and pewter. then i´ll electroplate it to give it more strenght.

    what is cool about this to have it in a digital format -> i will experiement with the
    scroll bending it and finding more forms and places this could be applied. lets see what
    i will „find“ with array mesh or what this can be used for when the new vector displacement
    will be available in 4r8.

    maybe a table or part of a bed or a lamp - let´s see.

    kind regards and cu soo

    ollie / cosmic

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    Thumbs up

    Awesome Thread! Thanks for sharing.

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    Hello Mahlikus,

    thank you very much glad you like it.

    more to come & happy zbrushing


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    "3D metal printing" on the cheap:

    • Skull modeled in Zbrush
    • 3D Print on Zortrax M200
    • Silicone Mold from temperature resistant silicone
    • Casting in Pewter
    • Polishing
    • copper electroplating, silver electroplating
    • blackening
    • polishing

    of course not highend - but not too shabby i think and it is a lot of fun

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    impressive creation process!
    What about a size?

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    Hello VoroN-art,

    thank you very much.

    i added a photo that shows the size holding it in my fingers.
    it´s around 4 cm in height.

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    and here´s a photo of the silicone mold

    it has its limitations: the mold holds its form only for
    a few casts and then the silicone transforms to sand at
    this high temperatures / variations in temperature

    so you won´t get the same quality results over and over again
    from one mold.

    and of course you cant pour molten silver or gold into that
    or the mold will "fly around your ears" please never ever do that.

    i used pewter for that and also this has its limitations in
    strenght and value

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    thanks! very interesting

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    omg Pixologic.

    4r8 is out and i just want to say thank you.

    renaissance is currently taking place - no words for what you
    did again.

    now let´s explore the new tools.

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    took my old scroll i modeled some time ago and reused it in combination
    with array mesh & live boolean

    the ball bearings now fit perfectly in the double sided housing.
    work is so much easier now with the new tools.

    I call this:

    The Royal Fidget Spinner • Corio MK II •


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    Thank you Joseph Drust for the inspiration.

    Now, in combination with ZModeler & the new Live Boolean System i could make this
    cobination mold tool.

    In the first step i can inject silicone for the mold, then, after a little rebuild and cutting up
    the silicone and removing the original part i can directly inject casting wax into this
    tool in 2 easy steps.

    thank you pixo - again and again


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    i refined & optimized the "Super Injector" a little bit.

    Now let´s 3d print it and let´s see if i can get some nice waxes for
    lost wax / metalcasting from it.

    the final goal is to have that little tiny teaspoon / coffeebean pendant
    in pure gold which was - of course also 3d modeled in zbrush.

    will be back soon to tell you how it worked

    Yours Ollie / Cosmic

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