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    more clay renders.

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    oh man! gotta love those gnomes!! good style!!

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    Creature concept, zbrush, keyshot and Photoshop.

    value paintover

    clay render.

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    Creature concept, keyshot and zbrush

    Value paintover before final colour.

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    Creature concept design zbrush, keyshot and photoshop

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    Default Broken cyborg

    Client work. To show a broken down and outdated cyborg/robot. He carries his blueprints perhaps hoping a kind engineer will fix or update him.
    Sculpted in Zbrush, rendered multiple passes in Keyshot, composited and painted over in photoshop.

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    Default Akuma Kani

    Presentation image of a Crab monster concept sculpt. I wanted to create a key moment that shows a more gently side to the creature, here some seagulls provide a playful distraction.
    I always like it when creatures in movies are not "evil" they are just retaliating when provoked. Like Kong.
    Zbrush, Keyshot and photoshop.

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    Colour paintover of Akuma Kani. Will go into polypaint next.

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    Kemushi paintover Keyshot render, sculpt in zbrush

    This is my latest creature sculpt of a creature based on some real world minibeasts. Main reference point was a hickory horned devil caterpillar and a Rhinoceros Beetle larvae. I imagined that the skin would be more like Rhino hide at the size he is. Also i wanted to bulk him up and crank up those horns and Jaws to make him more gnarly.

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    Default Kemushi Clay renders

    clayrenders, Zbrush and Keyshot.

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    Damn good sculpt! Very excellent work.

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