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    Default Cuts and key in zbrush 4r4

    Hi Again.
    Well from a long, long time I wished that zbrush give me the chance to start and finish a full model, no needing using other 3d programs, but when I was needing made the cut and key for printing the models I always need and Friend Help who made it in 3D max or in Magic, Programs that I don´t handle at all
    But recently and thanks to a great master here, I learn to cut it in Zbrush, thanks this video tutorial done by Joseph Drust, amazing work !!! http://www.pixologic.com/zclassroom/...sh-hood-part-1
    So I start playing with what I learn there and here is the result.
    Hope it can help to others with my same limitations
    Thanks and regards
    Oh, BTW, so sorry for any possible wrong English word :P
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    THE MODEL IS NOW SPLITTED IN 2 DIFFERENT SUBTOOLS ( sorry wrong type in the image)

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