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    Default Equis Space Mining Company

    hello everyone, i made this model based in a old skecth.
    This time I tried to do a spatial miner, who works for a fictitious corporation so called equis which look for strange metals in asteroids and distant planets (no extraterrestrial life has been discovered .. till now).
    i made the basse mesh in zbrush, and some parts of the drill in 3dmax, retopo, uvmap and
    textures made in zbrush,
    Basically after I end the model completely, I isolated every subtool (37) and subdivided it until 4M aprox, then I add details of texture using either zapplink or goz, also i used the pluggin matcap baker, between others, after having everything ready I reduced the subdivision to 4 approximately and added the texture, the total model have 2,544 Mil of polys

    hope you like the work and waiting for your feedback

    Render 01

    Render 02

    Render 03

    Plasma Drill

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    Outstanding job, meticulous and professional )) I tremble at the thought of the amount of work, you've put into this.

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    Excellent work, il like.

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