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    Default Sketchbook of Shrapnel

    Trying to improve by doing brief warmups every day, with a focus on distorted but structurally sound anatomy. Starting with these two from today and yesterday!

    About 15-30 minutes each.

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    Today, working on a rockman for a client. Intended to be printed as a miniature, so a lot of these details will likely dissapear in the final, but very please with the results so far!

    Renders in keyshot, with a tiny bit of post in Photoshop. (mostly colorization and whatnot)

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    Tonight is more work on my Inchworm of Death. This makes 3 nights, a 3-5 hours each, and moving towards a finish. At this point he's really just missing his larger set of legs, a couple underbellies, and some guns.

    Renders in Keyshot, a plastic/resin material of my own design that's intended to mimic what a miniature might look like in injected plastic.

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    More progress on this guy. His major parts are all done, now he just needs some guns for accessories and some transition work from the main body to the neck, and from the neck to the head... I think he needs to be posed before I do any of that stuff.

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    I love it it reminds me heavily of the asthetics used by the Chaos Space Marines warmachines in warhammer 40,000

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