Hello, I'm new here and I'm a 3D/2D visual artist in training. I am currently studying at International game architecture and design. I am in my second year of the 4 year study. After I get my bachelor I hope to work in the games and movie industry as
a production painter and modeler/ texturer. My main passion is painting (visit my gallery http://ramtin-s.deviantart.com/gallery/ )

Recently I had to make a full body sculpt of a comic book character for Modeling class (ZbrushClass) and I chose Conan the barbarian.

This is my first 3D sculpt (besides the practice sculpts we did to get acustomed to zbrush like our fists).
I do however, have some experience with traditional sculpting, which I love doing! I have made three traditional
sculpures since I started a about a year and a half ago.

enough talking, here's my Conan