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    Do we have any current status updates on Sculptris? A simple sentence would make me feel good like "yes, we are currently working on delivering sculptris @ "00/00/2013" something like that would please me...

    does anyone have any info they could share about the development?


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    Default re

    This was the last post from the Creator of Sculptris, DrPetter. Notice the date .... And it's believed that he's moved on and is not working on Sculptris anymore. I cannot speak for the Pixo guys, but there hasn't been any real post from them indicating any new updates. Sculptris is just there little starter drug, to get you addicted, to get you to buy Zbrush. If it's too expensive, might I suggest Blender. Blender 2.64 now has almost everything that Zbrush, 3DSmax, and Sculptris had say maybe 2 years ago ..... all wrapped into one. Multires Sculpting, Dynotopo Sculpting, Vertex Painting, Texture Painting, Normals Baking, Plus all the Animation tools, Physics Sims, Cycles Renderer, and a Game engine to boot .......

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