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    Hello everyone. I decided to start a hard surface project. I am incredibly excited but at the same time, extremely terrified. A while ago I started a simple project and it got out of control. it went from working on it for a few hours, then days then months with little results. I've gotten a lot better since then and i decided to tackle it once more. I eventually got something to work (The mech with wings) but I really want to refine my hard surface skills before I get into this guy again.

    this smaller design project is going to be about an infantry mech. Calling it Sentinel for now. What ever I learn will be applied to the mech above. I am taking this project very seriously and since i'm out of a job atm(still searching), all of my time is dedicated to this project. I would really appreciate any advice or critiques!
    Concept Mesh

    Game Plan

    Work So Far

    Vray Material test
    *A simple material test. needs a lot of work. at least I got the HDRI to work.*

    Again this is a on going project, so if your interested, let me know what you think!

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    Hi! You did a great job on the concept, I like it a lot, you should finish what you started; throw in some color, a beautiful render and you got a kick ass piece of work! A suggestion I might have is I would work some more on the lower leg part, right now they are a little simpler than the rest, but that's subjective; the head is great! Keep on it, please, I really want to see it finished, it's definetly going the right way!

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    Hello i just want to ask: you said its an infantry mech so what about weaponry - I mean will it carry the gun or is it supposed to fight as it is?
    If it should fight as it is I think that you should little reinforce the legs - keep their shape - it looks good and I think its shape could provide it with good acceleration. I would also add small retractable blade on one or both hands or something like small blaster(?)

    I am just beginner so dont take it too seriously. I just like to imagine things like mechs, guns, spaceships, ships, creatures etc.

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    It's no doubt a wonderful sculpt. If I may make one observation/criticism: I think that you actually have too much detail. It is so widespread on your model that the eye has no place to rest. I would try to preserve detail in some areas, and greatly reduce it in others. Easier said than done, I know, but I think it would make your character easier to "read" and more appealing overall.

    Just my 2 cents worth...

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    Thank you for your input guys! I really appreciate it. I actually have a list of things I'm trying to work on with this character before I move on. I'm taking your advices very seriously and I'm taking notes. Hopefully I can get something posted soon.

    RazielBlair - thanks for spotting out that he needs a weapon. I am planning to have a turret like weapon infuse in both of his arms and im in the process of sculpting it out. really good advice!

    nomad - Thanks for the compliments! ill take care of those legs for sure. I'm working my way down, but ill take your advice with the legs

    kevphil -your totally right about the detail. ill most likely apply tour advice to the chest area because it's really bothering me. One thing to note is that I am really interested in the modern transformer designs. that's why I added a lot of mechanical parts underneath. hopefully I can get something to work.

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    Glad to be of any help and looking forward to see your progress.

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