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    Lightbulb Javi Ideas WIP thread // Halloween Challenge 2012

    Helo, I´ll put here my work in progress for this year Halloween Challenge.

    First Update:

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    Another Character, ready for the next:

    Hands will be posed and detailed when some props and scene (and other characters...)
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    Be careful with this one, specially if you are a girl...

    If I figure out how to render correctly hair I´ll create hairstyle for all my characters. Can somebody help me?

    I know how get great results with p_hair_tk shader in Maya but in zbrush I´m lost. I can look for a youtube videotutorial but also i want that somebody pass over here and write some kind of feedback, that would be nice!..I mean...scary muahaha

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    Which version of ZBrush do you own? Do you have the Fibers Tool? If you do it's a great way to create hair. If not then use the standard brush in a smaller size to carefully sculpt the hair, then I think there is a MatCap Material available for hair that has a high specular for the shine. I haven't tried it myself though. If you do have Fibers, there are probs loads of tutorials for it if you look.
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    I would like to introduce to you a special guest who will come to my Halloween Party, the little Danny Torrance !

    I must to admit that thanks to this Zbrush Halloween Challenge (with the "enterely Zbrush image" rule) made me learn a lot about the new features of zbrush 4R4! And I´m sure only started to imagine the possibilities:

    -Wheels are done with a custom insertBrush!
    -Bike Seat done with Tranpose-Extrude new functions!
    -Pedals done with ShadowBox + TransposeExtrude!
    -BikeFrame, ShoesLaces and SuitLaces done with custom inserBrushes and curve new functions!
    -FaceLookALike done with the help of the new Image Plane features! I found this last pretty awesome compared to my old Spotlight trick.

    And thanks Chimz for comment!but I already knew that, in fact I tested the hairstyle brushes with this model I did, but I rendered in Maya. What I want to know is how to get a great Hair material in zbrush, but trial and error or youtube will do the trick.

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    "Danny is not here Mrs. Torrance". Great characters!, specially Danny, and I agree with you, this challenge is a great opportunity to learn more about the features of ZBrush, features that I haven't used before and definitely I'm going to use from now on.

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