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    Default Halloween( Annika Raven Witch )

    Here is my Halloween Raven witch Concept and may be i will change the pose for witch and raven in the final post. Not sure if i can finish it on time but hoping this is gonna be good piece for my portfolio. Good luck every one. Cheers

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    Default Updates

    Some quick today's updates basic T pose form In Zbrush.

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    Default Updates

    Hi every one, Quickly made Raven using the Dyna mesh and its still overall in basic form with the character. Hmm hope you all like the way am doing but soon its gonna be really high detail. And change the pose like i said am still not hapy so might go back in the end in between....

    am kinda a thinking character would go in to nudity way so might add some cloths tomorrow. Cheers

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    Default Updates

    Just add some cloths with texture and so much to go am not spending on time pretty lazy playing games, have to convert the ravens in to poly mesh and Uvs texture them. I don't think so i can finish it on time....

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    Default Man this is awesome stuff there

    this is one of the best images ive seen here ,looks Freegeen awesome ,wicked ass crow with a babe.Nice details on the fabric sculpting as well man, you have my vote if there are judges.Mind is i save your pics man?work be great.

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    What a nice concept sketch!, the sculpture itself is starting to look good!, I like the details on her dress.

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    Sweetttttt... Thanks guys...thanks for a kind words and encouragement. It gave me some hope now am trying hard to finish in time...
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    Hurry Getting close...Hopefully might finish on time....
    She looks really pretty at this stage but later would looks like half witch style so i might keep the prettiness on her face...
    Finally Raven textures and modeling finished.. I just playing around posing so quickly i may post some more tomorrow or i would finish up may be.... hunky dory

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    Thumbs up Halloweeen final concept 3d art

    Ok...This my Final Zbrush Halloween concept art
    Complete Zbrush Sculpting and final Photoshop comp. Hope you all like the final Raven witch art..Cheers to every one...

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