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    Smile Hi everyone! Starting my thread.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum.
    First of all excuse me for my bad English. )
    A couple of words about myself. Right now I'm working as a freelancer. Architectural visualization. 3d max, vray and stuff... It's good enough for living, but it doesn't make me happy. ) I'm dreaming of being a character designer. So I started studying anatomy references, watching tutorials and so on. I'm going to post my sketches and wips here. Looking forward to you comments. Criticism is desirable. ) Thank you for your attention. )

    As a start I'm posting my recent daily works. Each took from one to five hours.

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    A couple of old school low poly models for mobile apps. Hand painted in Zbrush.

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    Great stuff, the low poly chars are really cool

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    thanks )
    I'm currently working on character known as "Potemkin" from guilty gear x videogame. Going to finish this one. He's going to be about 1k polys with normal map.
    Also today I started new wip. It's a female model in military style. I'll describe the details later. )

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    Nice ones!!!

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    Really nice pieces!!!^^
    Chris R

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    Thanks for the comments. )
    I've made a sketch of the lord of the pit. Here's link to original artwork by Chippy:
    I just noticed I forgot about wings. Well, too bad. )
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    Wow NM1567, how did I miss your thread? I really, really, really, really like everything you just put up- Very cool style. Man, your L.O.P. is a million times 'cooler' than Chippy's (sorry Chip-o-boy-) . Your piece "Potemkin", had me laughing for some time... man, those HANDS, there extremely MASSIVE and they just cracked me up. But, big hands an all, the character has a 'neat' look to it. Interesting thing is, I have been doing some reading on human proportions (just trying to get back to the basics) and you know, all the little rules (canon's) etc so things look right. I wonder, is there a 'cartoons' proportions book or video? Cause if not, you should give it a shot- Your most certainly going into my 'favorite artists' folder!

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    Wow thank you, Dragon, you almost made me blush. You btw have some very cool 2d paintings. )
    To early for me to have a "style". I'm just studying, and trying to make my sketches look as "sexy" as possible whether it is a girl or a monster. )
    While sculpting my characters, no matter how cartoon-like they are, I'm using anatomy references.
    Not sure, is there any literature about cartoon proportions, at least I don't own one.
    Right now I'm working on potemkin's retopology, and facing some difficulties.
    He's too "bumpy" and it's pretty tricky to reproduce the right shape with limited amount of polys.
    Updates coming soon. )

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    Can anyone tell me if it's everything ok with retopologized model I've just done? As far as I know the use of triangle polys is allowed in game models, but I'm not sure.

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    update to my "military chick" wip.

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    I love all of your characters! They all have that small bit of style to them which completes them. I think theyre great I cant wait to see the military chick finished.

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    You have some great stuff here! Awesome work!

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    First of all Welcome to ZbrushCentral Nice to see you on here!
    Just great work, great style and a fantastic start with your thread!
    The girls anatomy is looking beautiful, love it! Keep it going and have fun sculpting.
    - Kenny
    Kenny Carmody
    Student for 3D-Modelling and 3D-Sculpting
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    CGHub Portfolio - http://kc-production.cghub.com/
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    Thanks for comments, but I’m totally stuck. (
    No matter which software I use for unwrapping and baking normal map, result is the same every time.
    I've tried flipping normal map channels in different ways, tried to change the location of the seams, but still nothing helped.
    Could anyone suggest me what to do?
    The mesh has only one smoothing group. There is no geometry with flipped faces.
    The result looks like baking was made with different light directions for the different patches of UV map.

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