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    Lightbulb Giovanny Arce - Sketchbook

    Hello guys, my name is Giovanny Arce, I'm new around here, this is my first post in the whole zbrushcentral. I'm glad to be around here to share my artwork and learn a lot more. I'm currently 24 years old, I'm at my last year of college, my main focus right now is to improve anatomy (also English XD), I also do 2d illustrations and concept art.

    Here my art blog http://artsymptom.blogspot.com

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    Here some old stuff I did in college, and yea, 10 kudos for the Asura fanart. Here the video timelapse:

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    Welcome to ZBC some nice work here in your thread and on your blog.

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    I clicked for the Asura and was not disappointed, but that dragon and fairy are especially impressive and have a great sense of flow! You could do great things going in the same direction with more like that.

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