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    Default Model a truck tutorial

    Hi There,

    I came across a tutorial a while back where the author shows how to model a truck using primatives and dynamesh he also shows how to build a mag wheel. I cant find it again for the life of me and was hoping someone could point me to it.

    Thanks in advance

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    H Sandy

    I'm not sure if your referring to my thread, or not, but I did build a truck using only Zbrush. I didn't make a tutorial about it but there are a lot of post showing the progress and some discussions on what I did to get to that point, at the time. I did do a tutorial for using shadowbox to make some parts for the bicycle I built with Zbrush. Most of the stuff I've built has been hard surface projects and many of those are vehicles. Here's the link to my thread. I hope you find something that will help you out in there.


    I never made a tutorial about making mag wheels either but I think Gary Komar did in his thread. Gary also makes a lot of hard surface projects and he also has a lot of vehicle type projects. Here's the link to a couple of Gary's thread.


    You may also want to take a look at Pixolator's two videos below where he shows the 'making of' a motorcycle. It's not a tutorial but if you watch closely you can get a lot of insight about how he works to get the parts made.

    See post #73 on this page.


    and post #148 on this page.


    Hope you find some information that helps you understand how to better utilize the Zbrush tools and possibly some inspiration too.

    Take care and have fun brushing.


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    I think you might be referring to Post #198 over here:


    It stuck in my brain because it's exactly what I was looking for a few weeks back...

    Ezra, those are also some really good links! Your bike is great - I tried a motorcycle but started pulling out my hair once I got to all of the mechanisms! Gonna pore over your thread and Pixolator's video to get "back in gear" LOL


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