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    Default Ponjarphy's sketchbook

    Following the trend here, and after being highly suggested to make a space to show off my work in here I am now making this thread my sketch book .
    So Hi to you all !
    Very quick introduction, I'm Jeff and I am a dane living in copenhagen
    been doing 3d for some time, and the last 6 months started to get more and more into sculpting, and.. I absolutely Love it!
    So cheers to all you guys, can't wait to hear your crits and comments on my work

    To start off with, I made this 2 days ago.

    I made this from a speedsculpt I did recently, pretty much just gave it some more details, colors and a quick tour in photoshop .
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    That's beyond excellent... fabulous work.

    Zbrush render?

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    Thanks a lot Eric ..

    It is not a single render, it is several bpr renders I composited in photoshop .
    This makes me able to better control the quality of the skin and the highlights, plus I have added the top of the arm in photoshop.

    Do you know how I put up an image without it being just a thumbnail?
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    Just made a few very quick ones.
    the troll was about 40 mins. the rest about 1 hour .

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    I was sitting today in class and watching the guy next to me sculpting, and I just wanted to sculpt so badly aswell.
    So. Even though I didn't have a wacom tablet, I went on with it, So I made this one with a mouse! xD quite fun and different experience I must say
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    New character in process

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